Here’s why “Plogging” should be your new go-to exercise

Like many people out there, I know I need to exercise… but that certainly doesn’t mean I do. However, when I discovered plogging, which combines one of my passions with one of my necessary evils, I had to try it.

Plogging is the art of picking up litter as you jog or walk, and originated in Sweden around 2016. It has since gained popularity in other countries. “Plogging” comes from a combination of the Swedish words “plocka” (to pick up) and “jogga” (jogging)… And as always, the Scandinavians were ahead of their time.

I really enjoyed the satisfaction of cleaning my community whilst caring for my body. I live near a lake, so as I ran along the lakeside as I picked up plastic bottles, cups bags and straws as I went. To my surprise (and dissapointment), it only took 20 minutes to fill an average sized garbage bag to the brim.


Possibly the best part about plogging was the local community asking me questions about what I was doing. It is a fantastic way to spread awareness to folks about the amount of litter in their town, and to show them practical ways to combat it. Imagine if everyone did this!

Plogging took hardly any more effort than a normal walk for me, and it encouraged me to take in nature’s beauty, and be more aware of our impacts on it through pollution and littering. I really implore you to give this a try! You will feel great knowing that you’re doing something positive for your community and the environment! 🙂

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I'm on a journey to change the way I live, and help others to follow the same path. Our Earth is precious, and we can't change the actions of big corporations and governments without first changing our own. We only have one planet, lets cherish it!

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